Shall town of Mt. Crested butte taxes be increased not more than $950,000 in 2020 and by whatever amounts are generated annually thereafter by an excise tax of not more than 2.9% on the amount charged to persons renting short term rental properties (defined as rentals for less than 30 days) for the purpose of raising funds to support the creation and retention of workforce housing, including but not limited to funding necessary infrastructure, maintaining deed restricted units, providing financial assistance to town employees seeking housing, partnering with other entities for the purpose of constructing new workforce housing projects, and paying the administrative costs related to such efforts, with the rate of tax being allowed to be increased or decreased without further voter approval so long as the rate of taxation does not exceed 2.9%; and shall all amounts received by the town from such taxes and other revenues and earnings thereon be collected and spent without limitation or condition as a voter-approved revenue change under article x, section 20 of the Colorado constitution?